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Virtual Reality in Training

Whether it be used by UPS to help train their drivers, or by KFC for their cooks, virtual reality is becoming more and more viable in training and recruitment than ever before. Every month, more and more companies announce their intentions to use the technology in their training programs.

This is thanks to the increased awareness, and easily reset virtual workstations, plus the diminished risks of a computer generated location over a real one lends well to many scenarios. Cost is also a factor, as many organisations are finding it is cheaper to set up a virtual training day in a few locations than it is to transport groups of people from various parts of the UK (or abroad) to a designated location within the UK.

It has also been used with Google Cardboard setups to help assist with e-learning modules. One example is by designing simulations that recreate the machinery many encounter in the workplace. Giving trainees a hands-on experience without the risk of injury, and with less stress over making mistakes or trying out new techniques for the first time helps greatly when they enter the workforce and have to deal with the stress and tribulations of the real deal.

The Military use Virtual Reality in Training Situations

[Image Source](https://www.vrlife.news/virtual-reality-training-soldiers/

The advantages of virtual reality training are numerous:

You can also utilise mixed reality setups to blend the virtual with the real, giving a more tactile feel to the training session.

There are plenty of types of virtual reality training already used in the market. Medical training and surgery is a common example, alongside historical re-enactments, emergency service training for paramedics, architectual walkthroughs, reconstructions and combat training.

The US Air Force used VR to give recruits a taste of flying one of their jet engines, complete with haptic feedback from an integrated SUBPAC rumble seat and dynamic feedback from a mock Air Traffic Controller.

Consider how virtual reality could help with your training days, and how it could help streamline much of the process. It may not be perfect for the entire training package, but it could greatly help with specific portions to free up your resources and time for other tuition.