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Virtual Reality and Haptic Suits

Don't just get your hands involved with Virtual Reality - get your whole body involved with a Haptic Suit.

A full body haptic suit - also known as haptic vest, gaming suit, VR suit, or tactile suit - is a wearable gadget that provides haptic feedback to the body.

The haptic feedback zones react to compatible games’ actions - basically making you move and interact within the virtual world as if it were real.

Haptic feedback, or haptics, is the sense of touch artificially recreated by applying forces or vibrations.

In 1994 Aura Systems launched the Interactor Vest, conceived by Aura's VP of Audio and Video Technologies Larry Shultz to feel sound from video games and TV shows.

The Interactor was a wearable force-feedback device that monitors an audio signal and uses Aura's patented electromagnetic actuator technology to convert bass sound waves into vibrations that can represent such actions as a punch or kick.

The vest plugged into the audio output of a stereo, TV, or VCR and the user is provided with controls that allow for adjusting of the intensity of vibration and filtering out of high frequency sounds.

In 2007 TNGames released the 3RD Space Vest. The vest uses eight trademarked contact points that simulate gunfire, body slams or G-forces associated with race car driving.

It is unique because unlike traditional force feedback accessories, the vest is directional. This means that action taking place outside the player's field of view can also be felt.

Demonstrated at Haptics Symposium 2010, the Tactile Gaming Vest (TGV) built on the 3RD Space Vest's features even more. The vest can simulate gunshots, slashing and blood flow sensations. Other sensations, such as punch/kick, body blows, and surrounding environment were later developed.

In 2014 the Kickstarter funded KOR-FX Gaming Vest used award-winning 4DFX technology that transformed the audio coming from your games or media into pinpointed high-definition haptic feedback.

The ground-breaking Teslasuit was created in 2015, that can transfer sensation from virtual reality to a human body through electric impulses controlled by a mini computer with an advanced motion capture system on board.

in 2016 the Nullspace VR Hardlight suit was created. NullSpace VR develops a full upper-body haptic feedback suit AND gloves with stand-alone tracking for virtual reality with more haptic feedback pads than ever before.

Haptic Suits will Enhance your VR experience

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Top Haptic Suits on the Market Today

Haptic suits are not yet as accessible as data gloves, but that does mean that there are not a variety of industry leading options for you to choose from.

Various brands are competiting to be the top dog when it comes to haptic suits, each offering something very different for you to consider.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top haptic suits on the market today or soon to be released:

Tesla Suit

Teslasuit is the world's first full body haptic feedback suit that can transfer sensation from virtual reality to a human body through electric impulses controlled by a mini computer (control unit), with an advanced motion capture system on board.

The technology is based on neuro-muscular stimulation that is widely used in electro-therapy, medicine and professional sport.

Teslasuit incorporates a mesh of sensors that could deliver wide range of sensations such as touch, wind, water, heat, cold as well as the force with mild electric pulses.

It can also collect data from the body for real time motion tracking.

Teslasuit is set for release later in 2017.

Hardlight VR Suit

NullSpace VR developed a full upper-body haptic feedback suit and gloves with stand-alone tracking for virtual reality called the Hardlight VR suit.

It claims to be the first affordable haptic feedback suit for VR.

A total of 32 haptic feedback pads are placed around the body with 117 built-in haptic effects. The Developer SDK is currently available for developers to create their own haptic animations.

NullSpace VR ran a successful kickstarter in March 2017

Axon VR

AxonVR builds haptic technology, such as the HaptX Skin. It is a haptic textile that simulates lifelike touch, allowing you to feel the texture, shape, motion, vibration, and temperature of virtual objects.

The HaptX Skeleton is a lightweight exoskeleton that extends the realism by applying physical forces to your body.

HaptX SDK is a software toolkit that empowers developers to create touch-enabled experiences.

All of these solutions are available to the public.

Why Should I Hire A Haptic Suit?

Although many of these models are still in development, with only a few available to the public, a Haptic Suit will take your virtual experience to the next level.

Rather than just being able to see the action, a users whole body can be transported into the action for a sense of immersion like no other.

This is an emerging technology - so by hiring a Haptic Suit, you will stand out from the crowd and stand ahead of your competitors.

Most suits are made with flexible material so that one suit fits all, and comprehensive instructions so that they are accessible to all.