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Virtual Reality and Data Gloves

A wired glove, also called a data glove or cyber glove, is an interactive device, resembling a glove worn on the hand, which facilitates tactile sensing and fine-motion control in robotics and virtual reality.

Data gloves are one of several types of devices used in haptics applications.

Tactile sensing involves simulation of the sense of human touch and includes the ability to perceive pressure, linear force, torque, temperature, and surface texture.

Fine-motion control involves the use of sensors to detect the movements of the user's hand and fingers, and the translation of these motions into signals that can be used by a virtual hand or a robotic hand.

When using Virtual Reality equipment, a data glove can allow you to interact normally with virtual objects without the use of a hand-held controller. They can also be combined with physical objects in the real world for the ultimate sensation of immersiveness.

Haptic feedback is essential to immersion, which enables user engagement in virtual environments, particularly for applications like VR gaming.

The Sayre Glove, created by Electronic Visualization Laboratory in 1977, was the first data glove.

In 1982 Thomas G. Zimmerman filed a patent on an optical flex sensor mounted in a glove to measure finger bending. One of the first wired gloves available to home users in 1987 was the Nintendo Power Glove.

The Cyberglove created by Virtual Technologies, Inc. in 1990 built on the Power Glove. Virtual Technologies was taken over by a company called Immersion Corporation in 2000.

Immersion Corporation also developed three other data glove products:

In 2002, the P5 Glove was released. In normal applications, it worked as a two-dimensional mouse and a few computer games were specially adapted for it. The P5 glove is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and the classic Mac OS.

The 5th Glove followed the P5 Glove which was paired with flexor strip kit sold by Fifth Dimension Technologies. The package uses flexible optical-bending sensing to track hand and arm movement.

Concerned about the high cost of the most complete commercial solutions, Pamplona et al. propose a new input device: an image-based data glove (IBDG).

By attaching a camera to the hand of the user and a visual marker to each finger tip, they use computer vision techniques to estimate the relative position of the finger tips. Once they have information about the tips, they apply inverse kinematics techniques in order to estimate the position of each finger joint and recreate the movements of the fingers of the user in a virtual world.

Adding a motion tracker device, one can also map pitch, yaw, roll and XYZ-translations of the hand of the user, recreating almost all of the gesture and posture performed by the hand of the user, at a much lower cost.

This advancement in technology is what we see in data gloves today - used in various facets such as entertainment, gaming, education, scientific research and more.

Data Gloves

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Why Should I Hire Data Gloves?

If you want to take your Virtual Reality experience to the next level of immersion - why not hire Data Gloves?

Data Gloves make the use of joysticks almost obsolete, making immersion even more intense. You are not thrust back into reality by having to use a controller within Virtual Reality, you simply use your hands as if you are right there in the action.

The use of Data Gloves involves even more bodily movement than controllers, meaning your audience will be more phsyically involved with your business and event.

The gloves are wireless to accentuate this immersion, and also work across platforms so that you can use them alongside any Virtual Reality option.

Advancements in technology mean that most leading Data Gloves utilise advanced sensor technology, a high update rate and automatic calibration - with one-size-fits-all stretchy, comfortable material so that everyone can have a go!

The use of this high-tech equipment will put you ahead of your competition, and leave a lasting impression with your mind-blown audience.