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Virtual reality has more uses than simply as a draw to a booth during an exhibition. As it allows users to enter a fully immersive, virtual space, all it takes is one good idea to find another practical use for it in the run up to an event. For example, whilst you are making your content for your chosen headset, why not take the chance to use virtual reality beforehand to help form the event itself?

Using virtual reality to explore a booth for an event before the time comes for construction can give you a much better feel for how it will work. Room diagramming is an indispensable event planning tool. One of the many benefits is the ability to visualize the space beforehand. You can move objects around much more easily than with the real deal, explore how attendees will walk through your booth, and even test run your video or other content to get an idea for how it will feel on the day.

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Several designers have now started using virtual reality as a means to help them visualise and conceptualise constructions. It gives the creative freedom to try several layouts and help refine the presentation without a lengthy manufacturing process. The engineers can receive information such as instruction, material and finish, measurements.

Exploring said layouts can be done in a myriad of ways. You can physically walk through them, to test the flow, or use controllers to make it a more accessible process for the workplace.Getting several people to walk around virtually can help give insight into the physical build that would otherwise be much more costly to obtain.

There are other benefits to using virtual reality during the production phase - you'll be very familiar with it if you choose to then use it again during the event itself! An added expertise can help sell the event, and your content, to the attendees.

You can also save the design and compare it to prior years, or oncoming. It being in virtual space will allow you to relive the experience, so you can learn from it directly rather than from memory. Unlike with traditional booth design, where once the show is over pictures, plans and feedback are all you have, you will still have access to how it stood for as long as you keep the file.

One other benefit of creating your booth beforehand in a virtual space is accessibility. If you've a major client, for example, who will not be able to attend the event, you could send them a Google Cardboard setup, and the file for the booth itself, letting them attend the event entirely via virtual reality. Some marketers speculate that entire events will become virtual in the near future, due to the increasing reliability of technology and the Internet.