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Top Games For Google Cardboard

Cheap and effective - the Google Cardboard headset is a popular choice for VR fans.

Named for its fold-out cardboard viewer, the platform is intended as a low-cost system to encourage interest and development in VR applications.

Users can either build their own viewer from simple, low-cost components using specifications published by Google, or purchase a pre-manufactured one.

Google Cardboard allows both iPhone and Android users to experience basic virtual reality with ease, with the quality of a user's phone dictating how effective the VR experience will be.

There are many top quality games on offer for the Google Cardboard device, such as:


BAMF is simple VR game which most people should feel comfortable playing and needs only a single button input. Explore the unique worlds and collect all of the glowing crystals.

Challenges come in the form of exploration, mazes and timed obstacles through teleporting - you simply look at the ground where you want to go and hit the button to teleport there.

Super fun, easy to use yet featuring challenging puzzles - BAMF VR is the perfect app for Google Cardboard.

Androids Dream

Androids Dream is a VR experience, a ride over a cyberpunk city largely inspired by famous science fiction movie Blade Runner.

You are in a flying car and you have just to enjoy the ride until you land on a futuristic tower.

Sit down, strap in, fly around in the spinner and take in the beautiful scenery and characters within the detailed gaming world.


Minos Starfighter VR was one of the first really decent VR games for Google Cardboard.

Previously named End Space VR, the game is a a space shooter that puts you in the cockpit as you take on various bad guys in outer space fights.

The game essentially lasts forever and you’ll be pitted up against stronger waves of enemies as you progress - and who doesn't love that?

You’ll also have access to ship upgrades, scoreboards, hardware controller support, and some of the best graphics of any of the VR games out there. It’s relatively inexpensive and contains no in-app purchases.

A Chair In A Room

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater is a tense Virtual Reality horror game set in America’s Deep South.

Drawing on elements of Southern Gothic and using settings of derelict towns, run-down motels and murky, decaying swamps, A Chair in a Room will take you through an investigation of institutional corruption, religious immorality and murder, which can only be unlocked by searching deep within your own psyche.

A calibration room will allow you get comfortable in VR but once you call the elevator, you begin your story as patient no. 6079 in The Greenwater Institute, with no recollection of who you are or what you did to be there.

The story is broken down into six chapters to allow for intervals between gameplay - but you're sure to be waiting in anticipation for the chance to explore once more.


Flats is definitely one of the most colorful VR games out there and it's a FPS game that lets you play both single player and multiplayer.

You wander around a map and try to kill people - it's as simple as that!

It's exceptionally fun to play and relatively inexpensive to pick up, with hours of fun at hand with a variety of different weapons, as well as single and multiplayer capabilities - so you can have good, simple fun with all of your friends.


Hardcode is a VR shooter game that will have you hanging from the edge of your seat.

It features a third person perspective and the camera is controlled by the player’s head movements.

You can play single player missions or online multiplayer, and this is one of the few VR games that feature an online multiplayer mode.

InMind VR

InMind is a short scientific adventure with arcade elements designed for the Oculus VR.

The future is nigh. The humanity is standing upon the brink of a new era where modern healthcare makes tremendous scientific advancements.

With the help of nanotechnologies a surgical prototype bathyscaphe allows its operator to shrink to a microlevel and travel inside the patient's body.

InMind allows the player to experience the journey into the patient's brains in search of the neurons that cause mental disorder - in an educational and immensely fun way.

VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer is an infinite runner game where you’re tasked with avoiding obstacles while traveling very quickly.

You’ll get points for things like near misses and hitting blue rings that appear in your path and your goal is to get the highest possible score while traveling as far as possible.

You have the option to play with a game pad or with head tracking as your controller, and it’s also free to download and play with the in-app purchases accounting for upgrades like no advertising.

Wrong Voyage

Wrong Voyage is a hybrid between a puzzle game and a platformer that will have you hooked in seconds.

You’re playing as someone who has discovered a strange ruin and your job is to explore it, and discover why you were drawn to it. You’ll use your weapon to make platforms move about and you’ll have to safely navigate the terrain without falling off.

The game is completely free to download and play, though you do need a bluetooth controller to experience all of the action.

Wizard Academy

Wizard Academy is part of WiseMind, and allows users to train their hand-eye coordination (Fire Archery), spatial recognition and memory (Earth Maze, Telekinesis), and attention and focus (Ice Fortress).

The game is an immersive action and learning games in virtual reality. It launches you into a magical land where you can experience learning and gaming in a brand new way.

In Wizard Academy, you navigate around the village and discover a variety of different mini games associated with a magic skill.

What's more, you can even play this game without VR!