The Future Of Virtual Reality At Events

We haven't quite mastered time travel yet here at ITR, but we often use our expertise in the event technology industry to help predict what the future will hold in terms of demand, development and trends. Virtual reality is no exception to that, so here's what we think we be happening in the way of VR in the next five years or so...

The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will be everywhere

We see a lot of VR kits at events and exhibitions these days, but we still feel that the industry is nowhere near at it's peak. With the availability of virtual reality in the rental market increasing (especially with Google Cardboard), the low costs from hiring kit will mean that brands exhibiting at an event will easily have access to a virtual experience that they can share with visitors.

Content creation is a service that is widely available, especially with design and creative agencies. This means it is even easier for people to create the full solution they need for a virtual reality experience at an event.

We consider virtual reality to be a wearable technology trend in the events industry, so it will only grow from here. We expect that the next few years will see as many as 20% of stands at events using VR content and technologies.

Cardboard will take over

One of the newest additions to the VR market; Google Cardboard - has taken the events industry by storm and we predict that it will continue to do so from here onwards. The ability to customise and design your own, easy-to-use headset will mean that more and more brands will start to consider it a viable promotional activity.

There are several other cardboard options available, however they vary in price based on their quality and durability. These include:

Interactivity will be key

Although VR is already an interactive experience, we believe stand builders will start to increase the amount of senses they reach out to, including both taste and touch alongside sight and sound. We imagine this will done by people looking to create an entirely 'out-of-this-world' experience that can be enjoyed in the middle of a crowded exhibition hall.