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Using Virtual Reality to Tell a Story

For some companies, using virtual reality is a great way to help train staff, introduce a product to the market, or highlight a feature or point with cutting edge technology. For others, it is more about crafting an unforgettable experience that will leave the audience curious for more.

Immersing your target audience into the story of your company can be difficult. Finding the right hook to get them interested and invested is a fine art, and one that virtual reality excels at.

Immediate benefits include direct immersion. Having a headset on, paired with headphones, isolates the attendee from the world around them. This makes it easier to help them get into what content is on display right in front of their eyes. It focuses on the storytelling, being a powerful tool that puts them right into the feet of whoever - or whenever - you choose.

Several examples already exist of using virtual reality to tell a story. A few of these include:

There are plenty of other ways to tell stories about your company, brand or organisation. Using other ways to augment the experience at the show only helps the immersion, such as 4D experiences. Using 360 video, or explorable environments, you can help tell the entire story of how your company came to this point, or to tell the story of a single product, experience or whatever else may come to mind.

Creating a story is a more organic approach to engaging with attendees, as it lets them explore your history on their terms. It has been used to great effect in the past for entertainment purposes, and can help push your organisation into the forefront focus, helping to sell a lifestyle and attract others in.

Choosing whether to tell the story via 360 video, or a full virtual space, is the first step to crafting a version of your story you can be proud to show the public.


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