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Reinvent the Expected

With new technology comes new ways to surprise the audience, but is it always best to go over the top, or to think of something that is simply a spin on an existing concept?

Some companies thrive on making cutting edge, overly vibrant experience designed to wow the audience. Others do better to think of the more mundane, engaging with nostalgia or the familiar to give an instant connection between brand and viewer. Netflix provides a great example of this, by launching an app that lets viewers use a variety of VR headsets to watch movies, TV shows and all their other content in a virtual space that recreates the old feeling of going to a video rental shop. . Whilst this does not change what the service does ultimately, it helps to draw in a different crowd who may yearn for that simple experience of going out to rent a video.

Consider how you could give your stand at your next event that same nostalgic and familiar air. If you're looking to sell an experience, you could follow in the footsteps of New Retro Arcade, recreating an 80's style arcade and alllowing players to interact directly with the machines in a first person view.

What both of these have in common is potential. Consider how many other experiences that you would love to relive. Engaging your audience on that angle can endear them to you on a personal level, giving you an easy subject to discuss that can lead more into your brand and company as time goes on. Familiarity benefits both you and your audience as it helps keep them in their comfort zone and gives you plenty of material to work with.

Reinventing the world of Virtual Reality

We've come up with a few examples of other ways to reinvent expected experiences here:

You don't necessarily have to think outside the box to use VR well at your event. Changing the shape of the box serves well enough, and reformatting content you already have may work well to sell it at an event. Make sure to consider what your booth's layout will be when working with these ideas,and you should be quick to generate buzz with a quirky take on virtual content.