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Reasons To Use Virtual Reality At Your Event

Trends are an ever present part of events and exhibitions. Technology evolves and steps into the limelight, but many different types can then fall back into obscurity after a few years at the forefront. This can make trying new ideas intimidating, and often leads to relying on the tried and tested.

Virtual reality is not one of these trends. Unlike other trends, which are flash in the pan due to limited utility, virtual reality is not thanks to its new, intimate experience that was not possible before it hit the mainstream again. Thanks to the Oculus Rift prototype emerging in 2010, and now backed up by over 230 companies developing VR-related products, VR is a mainstay showing no signs of fading out.

Adaptable enough to let users get hands on with products, or to truly immerse themselves in learning about the history of your organisation, the possibilities are as exciting as virtual reality itself.

Virtual reality at events

To help you make up your mind, drawing from our extensive experience in the events industry, here's a few reasons why we believe everyone, from stand builders to end users, should consider hiring virtual reality equipment for their event.

Virtual reality is an exciting, new technology, and people will be eager to try out your virtual reality solution. You might even develop a lengthy queue - the perfect opportunity to pitch to people while they're waiting to have a go.

Our highly experienced technical team will be there with you at every stage. This means before, during and after the event; helping you get the best possible results from your virtual reality experience.