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Product Demonstrations

For some products, it will always be easier to give a hands-on demonstration. Explaining every technical detail without the use of a physical prop can leave your audience confused, or make them lose interest. Logistically, it can be difficult at times to show of the physical product again and again and again.

With virtual reality, this can be a much easier prospect. Long setup times are gone when you can reset the virtual experience at the click of a mouse, and there are several options for how you can use the technology to best showcase your products to a mass audience.

For example, you could simply film one walk through in high detail, and in high resolution. This is a quick and easy way to ensure consistency between demonstrations, and to prevent the need for resetting a whole product every time someone wants a closer look. Simply hand the attendee the headset, get them seated and situated, and let the video guide them. It will not give them as interactive an experience, but it is efficient and still offers a futuristic edge that can grab further interest.

Want to give your audience a more interactive experience? Using Computer generated graphics (CGI), and a few controls, you could create a fully immersive experience where your attendees can get the closest look possible. If you have a car, for example, you could create a brief drive in CGI and let the customer take the wheel.

Have something smaller scale? Why not let them take the product apart, explore how it is made, and then get a chance to use it themselves in virtual space. This can be a great alternative for more messy products, though it will take plenty of planning and development to fully implement.

One prominent example of a well established company using virtual reality to help them demonstrate a product is United Airlines. In 2016, United Airlines used a fully CGI construction of their 777-300 planes to help customers get a feel for the new plane, using VR to fully immerse the audience in their surroundings. They also opted to use a voice over provided by Matt Damon, the official voice of the brand. This helped tie the virtual experience into their existing advertisement campaign seamlessly.

Virtual Reality Product Demonstration

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Not only was this a great workaround for the sheer logistics of getting audiences around a plane, it helped them demonstrate a product that had yet to hit the market.

Thinking inside and out of the box lends itself well to making your event booth a little easier to manage at a busy event, with a sheen of high-tech understanding that shows off your company as modern and adaptable.