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Making VR Content

Virtual reality is a powerful tool, but as with all things it is only as effective as the content it displays. Making good quality content for this medium can be daunting, as there is no exact science to it. Due to the 360 viewpoint, conventional film making or content making tools are not fully usable, though they can be an added boon when thinking of what to show.


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First off, you need to choose what kind of VR content you want to show. What kind of experience will best suit your brand - A fully interactive virtual world with controls and explorable details, or a more simple 360 video showcasing your product in action?

Leading on from that, do you want your content to be entirely digital, or are you looking for the video approach fully? Both routes have their distinct advantages, as full creation gives exact control over what is and isn't displayed, whereas 360 video is quickly becoming a strong part of many video production team's repertoire.

Once you've decided on what direction your content will be going, you then need to take a step back and consider the direction that your booth will be going, too. If virtual reality is going to be a main event, constructing your event around it will be critical. Making sure there is space for furniture, displays, and enough headsets for your needs, as well as considering how attendees will move around.

Then comes running the booth itself. Whilst similar to running a conventional events booth, having virtual reality on the scene requires a little additional training, as well as some extra steps to ensure everything runs smoothly, and that your audience is comfortable and walk away with a positive experience. Consider what will happen after the VR experience - what extra information will be available, how to keep people interested as they wait for their turn, and how best to use that time to sell your company to that audience.

Returning to the content itself, there are also a few pitfalls to consider as you proceed. Keeping your content short and sweet is highly recommended, as is keeping the motion to a minimum. Being sure to ease your visitors into it can help reduce possible negative reactions, and keeping everything as simple as possible streamlines the entire process. There are other points to consider, and mistakes to avoid when using virtual reality, but with a little care and consideration these are quickly avoided to strengthen your showing instead.

Each section above has a page directly dealing with its contents, to help you have a smooth show day and to get your mind flowing with ideas for exactly what you want to achieve with this technology.