Hiring Virtual Reality

Over the past few years, virtual reality technologies have become a marketing staple at events, giving visitors the chance to get involved in a fully immersive, interactive experience. However, the big issue is that it can be expensive to hire VR headsets outright, especially if it's for a one off event that only lasts a couple of days. With technologies advancing as quickly as they are, the headsets you have purchased will soon be outdated - that's why we believe hiring virtual reality equipment for an event is the best possible solution.

VR Oculus Rift Hire

Why should you hire, instead of buy?

As mentioned, there are multiple reasons why you should hire virtual reality equipment for your events rather than purchasing your own.

These include:

Who should hire virtual reality for an event?

If you're looking to make a long-lasting impression on your visitors at an event, you might want to consider hiring virtual reality equipment such as the Oculus Rift. Our partners work with clients from all backgrounds, from stand builders, tech giants, marketing agencies and creative companies, to working directly with the end-user of a project. From our experience, we have found that as a lot of stand builders work directly with marketing agencies, creatives and end users, they are the most likely to benefit from incorporating virtual reality into their solutions, but agencies usually get the most use out of them.