Hire Virtual reality Equipment.

Hiring Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology has become a staple at events and exhibitions in the past few years, with several marketing uses that bring visitors into a fully immersive, interactive experience unlike any other.

It can be tempting to jump in at the deep end and buy headsets right away. The big issue, however, is that this is a lot of investment for a technology still rapidly developing and evolving. Headsets purchased will soon be outdated, and the price paid may not be recouperated from a one-off event. This is where hiring virtual reality equipment for an event is the best possible solution.

VR Oculus Rift Hire

Why should you hire, instead of buy?

When looking to hire virtual reality equipment, there are several strong reasons to consider. From storage to cost, and keeping at the edge of the trends, we've listed a few good arguments below.

These include:

Who should hire virtual reality for an event

If you're looking to make a long-lasting impression on your visitors at an event, virtual reality is one of the more innovative approaches to take. Our partners work with clients from all backgrounds, from stand builders, tech giants, marketing agencies and creative companies, to working directly with the end-user of a project.

Anyone who is looking to put a creative spin on classic techniques can use virtual reality at their event. From gaming to history, movies to product sales and demonstrations, there is a place in every corner of the industry for virtual reality to make an impact.