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Hands on with VR

When deciding to go ahead with virtual reality for your event, you need to consider how you want to use it. Will it be the primary draw to get new audiences exposed to your company? Is it a way to help share an experience you offer to the attendees? Is it your big focus, or simply a way to augment what you have already otherwise planned out?

There are several factors in running a VR booth, which we have put together to help guide you as you prepare., but the headsets themselves are only have the battle. Your staff needs to be prepared to help the public with the technology, something that we have plenty of expertise in thanks to our partners at ITR.

Once you have decided on key points, such as your choice of headset, what kind of content you will show, you need to consider the layout of your booth. If VR is a heavy focus for you, consider an open format, giving easy access to the headsets and not blocking the path to it. If it isn't, make sure that you have not hidden it away in a corner - Virtual reality is still a novel concept that can draw in curious people on the concept alone. Not everyone has had experience with them, especially hands-on, and so you may even be able to draw a crowd whilst setting up VR booths that guests can experiment with before and after the event.

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If you have chosen an experience with interactivity, be sure to have staff on hand to give simple instructions on how to play along. Throwing guests in the deep end can lead to confusion, which is not a good impression to leave.

Either way, having seats available is a must so that attendees do not get disorientated. Be sure to provide assistance when necessary, and take a proactive role in making sure they are comfortable. Consider also having other monitors around, so those waiting can look on at what is being shown. Not only does this help prepare them for the experience, but it gives them something to engage with as they wait.

With more and more events seeing use of technology such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it is well on its way to becoming a mainstay of the events industry. . Consider looking at how others have used these headsets to help you get an idea of how best to implement it on the exhibition floor. Case studies give a great crashcourse into where others have succeeded at using it to draw in a crowd and create a buzz during, and after, an event.