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Created by a Tokyo-based startup founded by Yuka Kojima and Lochlainn Wilson, Fove is the first virtual reality headset that utilizes eye tracking.

Fove's technology uses infrared to track eye movements with accuracy and low latency. There are two arrays of six IR sensors plus one infrared camera in each eye to make this a reality. The sensors within the device tracks the user's pupils. It allows the user to target and interact with objects by making eye contact with them - just like in your wildest sci-fi dreams.

This works by utilising foveated rendering - in which the user's gaze is tracked and calculated so the graphical resources are allocated to where he or she is looking. The different areas of VR world sharpens and blurs depending on where your eyes are focusing.

A Kickstarter Campaign for Fove began in May, 2015 to get the gear out there. It had an initial goal of $250,000 which was reached in less than 4 days. Fove raised a total of $480,650 through the campaign.

The Fove Headset

Why Should I Hire Fove?

A step ahead of all VR devices - this sleek, futuristic option allows immersion like no other and cutting-edge eye-tracking technology.

You can use your body like never before and explore in ways never previously thought possible.

Here, we have compiled a handy list of the top reasons you should hire Fove for your next event:

But What Should I Consider?

Fove has slightly higher resolution than other VR headset devices, but it has a lower screen refresh rate and a smaller field of view as well.

Fove is also a tethered headset that requires a PC to work - which, like the Oculus, lowers your freedom in use.

The recommended specs for this device is a PC that can run modern games at 2560 x 1440 at 100fps or greater. This means the one will need a very high powered GPU CPU combo which can be very expensive.

Comfort level with the headset is lesser as compared to other virtual reality headsets due to various foam inserts that are used for personalisation. It takes time to find the right insert for you, so when at an event with many different people and faces - this could pose a problem.